Versace Wallpaper - Sheer Luxury

The new collections from Versace follows the opulent, neoclassical style of the Italian luxury label, revelling in luminous colours, precious materials, gold and silver. A perfect synthesis of fashion and design and unmistakeably “Made by Versace”

Most Versace wallpapers are extra wide width. Please check the product details and contact us if you require further information.

Sanderson - UK Wallpapers and Fabrics

Throughout its long history, Sanderson has continued to produce wallpaper to suit the style of the times. The range today includes bold stylised florals, classic English chintzes, plain textures, smart stripes, trellises and small scale motifs which are printed in the UK.

Sanderson also provide a range of fabrics and paints to match your wallpaper. We can make custom fit curtains and cushions. Please contact us to inquire about any of these products.