New Ideas - Blogging - Interior Design

After a lot of work looking around other sites, doing a lot of research and linking up with other experts. It's been decided that starting a blog to talk with our customers is a good way to connect. 

You will see posts from most of the family members of this company over time. Mark, James, Shaun, Diane, Penny and maybe others and we will discuss all things interior design, linking up with interior design experts while also linking up with some of our suppliers, you'll see some of the newest designs and kept upto date when new products come into our store. We may also blog about the business or personal achievements.

We hope that we are able to build relationships with a lot of our customers and that's what makes us different from all those big supply chains. Over the first few months I hope that each one of us are able to do a small introduction so you can get to know us. 

We all believe the way to success with our small family run company is through hard work, we're also aware of the hard work people put into making their homes perfect. Well, with both yours and our hard work I'm sure we can help each other.

We hope to meet some of you soon and feel free to say hello in our comments.

We have a lot to share with you, so the first few weeks will be busy.