A New Blog... How To Begin?

So our blog is here... up and running... however now we need to fill it, we have plenty of things to tell you all, but where to begin? Do we begin with how we started, how we are looking to move on or what is currently happening? Where is a good start?

Well, I thought we could start with a simple one, our motto "Exclusive Wallpaper/Quality Service" our goal and aim to you as a customer.

Firstly "Quality Service" this is why you should come see us an independent business rather than larger business chains. It's true we are a smaller business and hold less stock than some of our larger competitors however we do not see this as a weakness, as you will know if you have ever been into our store I believe you will not find a better service from the staff anywhere else, we pride ourselves in this as shown in any of our online reviews. Because we are a smaller store we have sat and spoken personally with our suppliers regarding what materials was used, who designed the paper, where it comes from... etc. etc. Meaning when you come to see us we can guide you straight to what you are looking for and explain to you why this paper is better than the rest. You wont get that from a larger store with the staff member you just grabbed from the garden centre section to ask if the paper is non woven or vinyl.

Moving on "Exclusive Wallpaper", We have over 100 pattern books boasting around 80 pages per book you can imagine the range we stock from wallpaper ranging roughly from £10 per roll to £200 per roll, a large portion of these you will find no where else in Hull. We love having wallpaper that no one expects, as proven by our large selection of photo wallpaper from AS Creations that can be viewed on our site or on Facebook. Furthermore going into a larger store and asking for something they don't have will usually result in "sorry we don't stock that" however at Home Decor we have on countless occasions searched suppliers and more to find a specific paper for a customer sometimes leading to new accounts with new suppliers ever expanding our range and capability. 

As mentioned before we have lots to share with you and can't wait to let you all know just how much we can offer you to make decorating a pleasure rather than a chore.