Versace Wallpapers - Sheer Luxury and Ornamental Splendour


In recent weeks you'll have seen a new designer range find its way to the website. Versace. We're still in the process of uploading the full product range so if you're wanting any of these please email us at -

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Visit Versace's website - - Click "world of versace" then "Versace Home" to be taken to where you can view the wallpapers from the popular collections Sheer Luxury and Ornamental Splendour




The most popular design at the moment seems to be Greek Key which is available in several colourways with matching wallpaper borders.

Clear, straight-line meanders (“Greek Key”) embody the main principle at Versace. The restrained tone-in-tone decors of the satin wallpapers, with their large format and in the colours gold, silver, deep black and crème, generate an extravagant, grandiose expressivity.

You can view this product and it's full details here - Greek Key








Another favourite, Pompei, is also inspiring people to go with the designer ranges at Versace. This elegant design would look great in any room and comes highly recommended for those of you with a dynamic personality.

A rich and sumptuous creation, with golden curlicues repeated as an all-over pattern. The new Pompei pattern echoes the mythology of ancient Rome, evoking the opulence of the magnificent villas of Pompei. The pattern is meticulously detailed, with its acanthus leaves alternating in different sizes, resulting in an endlessly fascinating and elegant whole.

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I've saved my favourite to last - Herald Stripe in Black (Charcoal) and White.

This black and white stripe is of a top quality. The black (Charcoal) stripe is a textured pattern and feels embossed. You can see the quality as soon as you stare upon this fantastic wallpaper.

A recurring theme of Versace is the reinterpretation of baroque motifs. Here, sumptuous floral scrolls, reminiscent of the fleurs de lys in the coat-of-arms of the French kings, present an arresting contrast to structured prints in gold, white, crème, blue and silver, adding a hint of Versailles to a stylish home ambience.

View product here - Herald Stripe





One last thing we all think about - Price. In comparison to other designer ranges, Versace is affordable and yet the quality is much better than most designers. Prices on our website range from £45 (one of the best prices you'll find online) to around £89.99. Some other retailers market these items at +£140.

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