Guest Blog - Jane Harper - Six mid-century modern interior décor ideas

The interior decors specialists are moving back to integrating the designs and features of 1950s and 1960s to the interior home décor. The recognizable features of the era are clear, urbane and inclusive geometric patterns that can instantly add a wow factor to your home décor. You might be wondering over the fact that the 1950s and 1960s trend is still in, yes mid-century modern designs have remained an indispensable feature of interior architecture. When it comes to interior design and décor trends, history tends to repeat itself, by coming back bigger and better. To give you an eye view of the latest trends regarding the interior décor then mid-century is the key hint for you. This article would serve as a guide indeed take you on a short market tour to cover the basic accessories that would give a mid-century touch to your interior décor.

1. Furniture as the statement piece for the mid-century look:
One of the central elements required to achieve the mid-century modern look is the right piece of furniture. Unlike modern furniture items to find the right statement piece can be a daunting
challenge yet it is not impossible if you get hold of some basic tips. Step in the market with the
features of mid-century modern furniture interior imprinted on your mind, so you don't deviate.

The signature traits of modern mid-century furniture are sleek lines and engraved geometric
patterns made from quality wood. Table tops with wood surfaces or the wooden floors are an
excellent choice to decorate your home according to mid-century style.

2. Get creative with nature:
The incredible feature of the mid-century modern look and the reason behind its popularity even after ages is its ability to achieve the urban décor with natural materials. To add to your décor knowledge elements like wood, natural lights, earth tone palettes all can give your home a touch of warmth while preparing it for the mid-century look.

3. Invest in metallic accessories:
Add shine to your home décor by installing metal accessories. The best thing about metal
accessories is that they can give an instant mid-century touch to your home and you don't need to worry about the presence of bugs. Think how you can incorporate brass and chrome in your home. Bring your aesthetic sense to play and look for metallic light fixtures or mirrors having metallic frames and place them where they can reflect most of the natural light to all the corners of your home.

4. Find retro art for wall décor:
By now you are familiar with the mid-century modern trends and features. Adding a vintage
décor accessory as a wall hanging or a central table décor can help you add a wow factor to your mid-century modern look. Before leaving the home target the market that is perfect and popular for its graphics when it comes to wall hangings. The wall theme with geometric patterns can uplift the mid-century modern look while following the minimalist approach.


5. Play with colorful accessories:
The best way to welcome mid-century look in your home is to play with vibrant colors for the
little décor accessories. Look for accessories that are similar in shape but have different colors so that they can add to your color scheme and create positive visual attention while keeping the natural mid-century look.

6. Sculptural décor
Talking about dazzling stylistic décor options, mid-century modern style is tied in with adding a couple of timeless pieces to your home. Sculptural décor enables you to introduce a tinge of mid-century modern style without undertaking a broad remodel that totally changes the vibe of the inside.

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