Home Decor Hull, Guest Blog: Designer's Pattern Playlist: Spotlight on Sanderson By Dina Burke

Thank you so much James and Mark for inviting me to be your guest blogger from 'across the pond'.  I can't wait to get started.

One of the things I wanted to talk to you about in today's blog is the new collaboration Home Decor Hull now has with Sanderson fabrics and wallpapers. For years as a residential designer I have drooled over the exquisite range of  rich colors and styles that Sanderson has to offer and the new books for 2016 Spring are no exception. 

What really inspires me about Sanderson is how free and innovative a line they are. You can go from a very subtle muted neutral palate all the way to a full on Color Explosion. I like the fact the color palates are very clean and clear with distinct hue saturation even if the colors are light. There is not a muddy or grayed down color in the bunch --a look that some fabric house have. That I believe it what makes Sanderson so fresh.

Another thing I like on this line is that you can explore particular color families, or you can look by style or type of pattern.  But my experience with clients over the years is most people may not be able to articulate which pattern or style they like, but know what colors really speak to them. So let's start today's blog with an exploration of a yummy color family. 

Colors that we see readily in nature have a way of calming us and making us feel good about the space that we are in. Blues of the sky, greens of the grasses and trees are a really good place to start.  I thought we could take a look at Robins egg bluefamily not in part because I have the pleasure of watching a robin (top of photo) make her nest under an eave on my front porch!


The color family is called 'Duck Egg Blue.'  I will show you a few examples from bold to subtle all in this color family. Here is one wallpaper I am mad about. (below.)

It's sort of a combination of a traditional floral meets Jackson Pollack -- Modern and traditional all at the same time. It is a lot of activity and may not be your cup of tea, but hear me out. 

If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of original art to hang I would do this on one wall and just as in the photo have a neutral sofa to offset it. The neutral sofa is a wise investment as you will have that for a long time if you buy a quality piece.   the paper can always be changed out down the road. And you can choose a 'contract' fabric for the sofa which is extremely hard working durable and stain resistant.  You can see some of the fabrics and wallpapers available from Home Decor Hull here: SandersonUK

In this photo the use of a little bit of magenta in the accent pillows is a hot contrast to the cool colors in the paper and also allows it to not become too saccharine.  Frankly I would add some accent tables and task lamps and maybe another trunk or larger coffee table for practicality. But you don't need a lot on the walls with this paper. Just ask about this paper from the blog  at the store and they will be happy to show it to you.

A more sublet approach is taken with Bloomsbury (below) where a softer pattern is employed on the sofa while the wall is much more neutral in pattern in a tone on tone paper.

An additional pattern of a chenille texture and a corresponding but not matching color is used on the ottoman/ coffee table.  This ties in nicely with the less saturated same color wallpaper. That makes it work.

Next up is from a budget friendly division of Sanderson that In think you will love called Sanderson Home. (below.) There is decidedly a nod to traditional British interiors with the matching sofas and centered fireplace but with an appeal that is fun and fresh by way of Sanderson's color  and pattern play. I adore the oval tufted ottoman as a coffee table.  Top it with an old silver tray to add a touch of posh. 

Notice the lively pattern on the club chair adds dimension and visual excitement while still maintaining the color scheme.  Sanderson pairs these fabrics and wallpapers which takes out a lot of the guesswork for you.

This next example (below) from Sanderson is really so fun and playful.  If I were renting my first apartment or got my first big job this is exactly what I would do. I love the contrasting use of a horizontal stripe on the leading edge of the drapes-- it's just the right amount of sass to say 'ok don't take this floral print too seriously-- I am all about fun.' The modern shape and exposed leg of the occasional chair  works well with the playful pattern and fabric. But wait - there is more-- check out the Pom- Pom fringe on the edge of the table cloth. The painted chairs are more current and give a more casual vibe. These are all things from Sanderson that you can get right here at the store and I know they will be happy to assist.

Last but not least in the ' Duck Egg' color exploration-- I could live in this room quite easily. (Above.) The sheer curtains with the drapery panels with hints of a celery color and a watered blue is quite lovely.  The show stopper for me is the pair of club chairs with legs of brass, the tight backs and wonderful sweeping curve of the arms. Ask at the store if can get these pieces of upholstery through Sanderson with their fabrics. And the cherry on top are the citron pillows on top of the pale duck egg blue pillows. And there you have it-  the color tour of duck egg blue by Sanderson.

Ok wait. There is more.  Now I am starting to hyperventilate. I just discovered that Sanderson also has a line of Home Accessories. Including-- get this-- Evoke Mio radio! Boys I love this radio! ;)  Imagine having a beautiful roman shade in the Dandelion fabric (shown) in your bath and then on top of that having a matching cool radio? I think I can't breathe! Love the retro vibe.

Here are more thingsyou can get in Home Accessories:

"The Sanderson bed linen, cushion, home fragrance, tableware, toiletries, stationery, tin ware and towel ranges reflect the elegant colour palette and classic English design that distinguish Sanderson's exquisite designer wall coverings and fabrics." Wasn't I just talking about the fab color palate? Now you have proof. Here are more images of the home accessories:

Bed linen 

Pillows, Tableware, Paint:


A chair, a rug, it's all you need in the beginning. Go for quality not quantity. Buy the very best you can afford and add pieces over time. You can start with a master plan for your room, and the fine folks here can get you the fabrics and wallpaper and accessories you will need.  Do one thing at a time within your time frame, and in the end your vision will be realized. ~Dina 


About the Author:

Dina Burke is a professional Interior Designer and writer in the Cincinnati area, USA. 15 years ago she started her own successful interior design business, Dina Burke Interior Design, L.L.C. and has been published in magazines and newspapers, having designed scores of rooms, kitchens and baths for her clients.

Today, Dina's design business continues  online at http://dinaburkeinteriors.com/where she speaks to the DIY person who wants to have a space to live in that reflects his/her own style, is affordable and tasteful, yet has a ‘designer inspired’ look. Dina fees passionately about everyday design and felt that there needed to be a way to level the playing field and streamline and de-mystify the design-process.

Her mission is to help those who want to have good DIY  design in their home but want it to have a 'touched by a designer' look.  If that sounds good to you, Dina will be releasing a designer inspired 'DIY Room Makeover' course:  "A-Mess To A-Mazing: End Furniture Decorating Stress And Get What Works."  Click the links for instant access. She will be happy to answer any questions you have.