Wallpaper Murals by AS-Creation - XXLwallpaper 3

XXLwallpaper 3 - individual decorating options

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Impressive landscapes and new individual decorating options – A.S. Création’s third XXL wallpaper digital collection.

Be inspired by our selection of the most beautiful motifs of the earth and bring the magic of exotic places, impressive animal portraits or old brick walls into your home.

Whatever it is you love, bring it home. Everything’s possible! Anything that brings you pleasure is allowed!

A new feature in this collection is the option to add a caption or quote to your favourite image to express your attitude to life, or to impress your friends with a cool saying.

Choose what suits you from the multitude of motifs we offer. Combine the image of a trip of a lifetime with the feelings and words that were as true then as they are now: “Life is beautiful.”

You could also brighten up a door or small wall with one the collection’s panels. All the panel images measure 100 x 250 cm and are mounted on our materials. They are perfect for placing an eye catcher in your living room or a child’s bedroom.

They come in superb print quality, and you have the choice of six different backing materials.

In addition to the already popular backing materials 150 g “non-woven basic”, 200 g “non-woven premium” and “textured non-woven plus”, the third XXL wallpaper collection is also available in 130 g “non-woven matt”, an additional textured non-woven material, “plus No 2”, and the 200 g “Mica”. The exquisite sheen of its surface adds a special feeling to any image.

All coloured motifs are also available in black and white or sepia.

Central Park

You can view the selection of wallpaper murals at - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.246097852406772.1073741879.114064165610142&type=3