Here at Home Decor Hull Limited we have an extensive collection of Paintable Wallpapers, from some of the oldest brands like Anaglypta and Graham and Browns Superfresco range to some of the new designs from Belgravia and AS-Creations, Meistervlies.

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY IN THE DEVELOPMENT STAGES. We expect products to be uploaded and available for purchase in the next week or so.

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Anaglypta Wallpapers


A.S. Création offers a number of paintable non-woven wallpaper products which are suitable for both varnishing (gloss) and coating paints, allowing you to decorate to your individual taste. With a variety of different surface textures, they offer you a multitude of design options and are a great alternative to standard fibreglass and woodchip products. A.S. Création's non-woven wallpapers outshine the competition with their tremendous dimensional stability and high scratch and impact resistance. And you can hang them just as easily, quickly and cleanly as any other non-woven product. 

Meistervlies Project

Superfresco Wallpapers